Do you build Euro style full access cabinets and American face frame cabinets?

Yes, we do!

Do you build your boxes out of plywood or particle board?

Plywood only! (Will not use Particle board!)

How long will it take?

By ordering box material precut to 1000th of an inch, KBC can have your kitchen installed in one month in most cases.


What kind of finish do you use?

KBC uses a two-part conversion varnish that is far superior to all other finishes on the market.  It is stronger, more resistant to color change, heat and water.  Our model is to always use the best products on the market.

Do you use self closing hinges and drawer slides?

Yes, we do!   We use high end Salice hinges and plates for doors and Blum self-closing drawer slides.

How are your drawers made?

We use dovetail solid wood boxes with 1/4 ply bottoms.